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Plump It Up Lip Plumping Kit - Collagen Lip Mask, Lip Plumping Tool, Minty Raspberry Lip Balm

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Looking for a remedy to protect your lips from dryness? No worries at all! The collagen lip mask from olive-i & co will keep your lips soft and supple. The lip mask is infused with collagen to hydrate, soothe dryness and instantly smooth and contour the lips. As collagen promotes the regeneration of lip cells, it effectively restores lip elasticity and firmness and makes your lips lush and plump.


The best way to use the tool is to clean it with soap and water before and after use.  Dampen the mouth area with water then put your lips in the centre of the lip pump as far and as deeply as possible while it is compressed. If you place your upper and lower lips between the middle platform and gently pull, you should feel solid suction being established.


Eager to know the ingredients and the results? Using Collagen, peppermint, Shea butter, and botanical extracts, the olive-i & co lip plumping kit locks hydration into your lips for hours. In addition to hydrating your lips, our lip balm also helps make your lips more vibrant and rejuvenated with everyday application.

Note: Use the mask twice a week or just before partying for that perfect selfie pout

Key Features:

  • Smoothen and contour your lips
  • Regeneration of lip tissue
  • Improves the firmness and elasticity of lips
  • Moisturize and remove chapped lips
  • Establishing a strong suction
  • Feeling more vital and rejuvenated
  • Active cell viability, prevent lip peeling
  • Reduce fine lines around the lips

Package Includes:

  • 8 collagen lip masks
  • 1 lip plumping tool 
  • 1 x 50ml Minty Raspberry Lip Balm

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