Yes! Oui! Si.... Siocolat. Sugar-free.

Say YES to Sugar-Free.

Sugar-free is for all!  Sugar-free chocolates and candies are not just for diabetics, it's for everyone who wants a healthier alternative to sugar.  Reduce your sugar intake now by replacing your treats with sugar-free.  Packed in elegant minimalist plastic-free gift boxes, our chocolates and sweets are sweetened with Maltitol and Stevia. 

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol (neither sugar nor alcohol) that is naturally found in some fruits and vegetables.  Stevia, on the other hand, is a plant-based low-calorie substitute for sugar derived from the Stevia plant otherwise known as sugar leaf or sweet leaf.  Both sweeteners are as sweet as sugar so we can indulge without guilt.  

These items are shipped within the UK and may take 2-5 working days to arrive.