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Summer Skincare Tips

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Summer is a period when most people expect to show off their beautiful skin. They wish for a smooth and glowing skin but often come down with sunburn due to excessive heat. If you don’t know how to handle it, summertime might turn out a nightmare. Sadly, the need for a brilliant summer skin can lead to a costly overhaul of your skincare routine.


Before you go the costly path to radiant summer skin, here are five tips to summer skin that glows:


  1. Make small changes  

I know the thought of change is scary. It is more frightening when it affects your skin care products, but it vital to summer skin. As you won’t use summer gears for winter the same way, you need appropriate skin products for summer. Perhaps, your winter cleansers and moisturizers are gentler and more hydrating; you need entirely different things for summer. Without making the changes, getting the glow in your summer skin might be difficult if not impossible. The extent of changes required, however, will depend on the age and nature of your skin.


  1. Cleansing and Toning  

Constant exposure of the face to sunlight in summer calls for cleansing and toning of summer skin. Summertime heat and dirt that expose the skin to unfriendly condition, hence the need to cleanse and tone before bedtime. This necessarily doesn’t have to be costly, a simple home product like milk and honey would do. With a few drops of honey to milk can help clean your face for the brilliance you desire. Apply the mixture for about 3 minutes, wash it off and tone with rose water. Doing this every night should give your skin a fresh and smooth texture.


  1. Use Sun protection always  

The UVB and UVA aren’t friends to the skin; the best solution is using sun protection regularly. Learn to put on your skin protection armour, especially in the summer. By applying sun protection, it guards against sunburn and slows down the skin aging process. Therefore, by experts’ advice, you are to wear an SPF30-50 to make your skin fresh and glow always. If you ever failed to use SPF in the winter, do remember that it is most required for summer skin.


  1. Drink lots of Water  

Sometimes, what stands between you and glowing summer skin is a simple solution. The essential product you need in summer is water. Yes, you heard right; it controls body temperature, cools it down, removes wastes and toxins, and maintains a balance. Ensure you take water in all available forms, including natural foods like vegetables, fruits, green tea, etc. It is recommended to take a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. Make sure to drink enough water for proper hydration of the body for a skin that glows.


  1. Focus on antioxidants  

For combating the effect of summer heat on the skin, you need antioxidant products; these contain vitamin C or polyphenols.  While antioxidants are excellent for summer skin health, they are useful all year round. Using antioxidant protects your skin against oxidative stress and you can be sure of protection against pesky skin troubles.



It won’t be fair if I close this discussion without adding exercises. Any woman in their 30s upward needs regular workouts, including cardio, yoga, for better blood circulation, detoxification, and cell renewal. You need to exercise often for the sake of your skin.  Consider it as part of your skin routine to make it glow.